Guide to Joining

A. If you want to join this Academy, please click the Join Association button below to complete your membership application.
The Academy divides the members into regular members (members of the Association of Korean Medicine) and Associate members (non-members of the Association of Korean Medicine).
Based on your application form, we will evaluate it and send you approval when it is approved as a regular or Associate members. When you receive your acceptance letter, please send your admission fee and annual membership fee to the following account.

Admission fee is 100,000 won, annual membership fee is 50,000 won for a regular member(a member of the Association of Korean Medicine), and 30,000 won for an associate members (a non-Korean medicine Doctor).

  Deposit Account: Nonghyup 356-0489-6257-53
                              Kang, Han-joo

  New joining : Korean Medicine Doctor's 150,000 won
               (admission fee + regular annual membership fee)
               Non-Korean Medicine Doctor's 130,000 won
               (admission fee + associate annual membership fee)
  Confirmation of payment: 02-846-1460 Kang, Han-joo
            (Whidam Medi Korean Medicine Clinic(Daerim branch))

B. The payment of membership fee is confirmed, and when you complete join to the homepage, you will be registered as a full academic member and you will receive the following benefits:

  Exercise the rights and duties of the member of Korean
   Academy of Medical Gi-Gong
  Publications of the Korean Academy of Medical Gi-Gong are
  You can use the member menu of the homepage (Member and
   Information board, etc.).
  However, if the annual membership fee is not paid for more than
   one year, the member shall be lowered in level from regular
   members to general members.

For more information, see Introduction > Articles of Incorporation on the homepage.

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