The Korean Academy of Medical Gi-Gong was established in 1994 as the Korean Qigong Medical Society. In 1996, it was promoted to a formal society belonging to the Society of Korean Medicine.

  Since its name was changed to the Korean Academy of Medical Gi-Gong in 1999, we have been conducting systematic researches on medical Gi-Gong and presenting them through academic conferences and journals, and have been exploring and cultivating human resources in clinical and academic fields.

  As a result of the enthusiasm and efforts of the members of the society, the Action of Guiding Gi-Gong Exercises was decided as a new medical technology item.

  In Korean medicine, where controling Gi(氣) is a large proportion, medical Gi-Gong is an essential discipline for the acquisition of medical skill. Also, it is the field that best implements the thought of nourishing life and holistic view, and it is the basic science and clinical science that will lead the future of medicine without staying in the past medicine.

  We will provide various treatment technologies and grounds based on your academic research and clinical achievements, and will contribute to the development of Korean medicine as well as medical Gi-Gong.

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